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STEREO III programme

The go-ahead for the multiannual research programme for earth observation, STEREO III, was officially signed by the State Secretary of Science Policy on 19 September 2013 in execution of decision of the Ministerial Council of 15 November 2012 concerning the elaboration of the Belgian space strategy. The programme will cover the period from 2014 to 2020 with a budget of 28,60M EURO, funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO).

The Belgian Earth Observation community has a good reputation at international and ESA levels. This is mainly due to our technological expertise (for example: Centre for image processing CTIV, PROBA satellites, APEX sensor,...) but also thanks to its scientific expertise mainly acquired during the last 30 years of earth observation research funded by the federal government.

STEREO III's goals are in line with the previous programme and aim at supporting the Belgian space strategy. These are:

   - To support of innovative quality research in the field of remote sensing.

   - To stimulate the development of new remote sensing applications.

   - To keep/put Belgium on the map as international centre of expertise in a number of remote sensing fields.

   - To secure integration of Belgian teams in international partnerships.

   - To support Belgium’s RS instruments and platforms.

   - To introduce the use of remote sensing in new disciplines and to new users.

   - To promote remote sensing.


There are 5 thematic research priorities:

1. Global monitoring of vegetation and evolution of terrestrial ecosystems

2. Management of the environment on a local and regional scale (water, soil, forest, nature reserves and biodiversity, agriculture, coastal areas, urban and peri-urban areas)

3. Interaction between (change in) land cover and climate change

4. Epidemiology and humanitarian aid

5. Security and risk management


The BUMBA project is situated within the fifth thematic priority.