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Urban air quality modelling, including modelling with high spatial resolution as proposed in this project, belongs to the core expertise of the VITO-RMA research team. The group consists of physicists, chemists, meteorologists and IT programmers. We develop and apply atmospheric dispersion models suitable for air quality assessments, scenario analyses and air quality forecasts. There are strong links with emission reduction measures and cost-efficiency of measures, but also with the health effects community, that widely makes use of the model results of VITO-RMA. Model developments are supported by a team of IT specialists with expertise in professional software development and with Geographical Information Systems. Using our model results we offer expert advice and recommendations regarding urban air quality problems, often related to NO2 and/or fine particulate matter, e.g. to the City of Antwerp. For the regional level (i.e. Belgium) an intelligent interpolation tool (RIO) for mapping observations from the networks of the three Belgian regions has been developed, in close collaboration with IRCEL-CELINE. This interpolation tool proved to be the currently most reliable model for air quality assessments in Belgium. VITO-RMA carries out numerous projects in Belgium but works also on international level, a.o. in several European research projects, for the European Space Agency and for several Chinese cities.